Our Product is Made in The USA

Our hemp is grown in Colorado and our products are made in Maine – we’re proud to be 100% American made.
For more popular questions about our product, please see below!

Who Should Use Our Wholesale Program?

Any retail shop, restaurant, bar or storefront who is looking to add CBD to their product offering.

How Does The Process Work?

Drop us a line and one of our reps will schedule a call or on-site appointment with you. Once you’ve decided the products you want to stock, we will put the order in! It’s that simple ?

What if My Customers Don't Like It

Any consumer who buys our product has the option for a 100% money back guarantee with proof of purchase.

What About Insurance?

We are fully insured and any vendor that sells our product is covered under our policy. If you’d like to see more information on our coverage, please reach out!

How Do I Start?

Drop us a line and we can have you up and rolling in 30 days!

Can I Private Label My Own Brand?

Yes, of course. You would essentially be re-selling our products with your label.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is now 100% legal in the United States, meaning that any CBD products that are derived from hemp are as well.

Why Should I Sell Hemp House CBD?

Because we’ve invested countless hours and resources, our suppliers are some of the best in game. This means we can offer you amazing margins on products that are the highest quality in the industry!

Wholesale Product Catalog

Download our wholesale product catalog for more information on pricing and
products lines!

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