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Our Temple of Transparency

Our Temple of Transparency

First of all, thank you for checking us out!

If you’ve landed here it means you are linear with our passion for high quality CBD products. Without hesitation, I would say that this is the biggest driver for our company.

During our research and development phase, we found A TON of bull$h!t CBD companies out there.

Overcharging for their product.

Sourcing from low-grade farms.

Lacking customer care.

Coupled with quality is transparency. We’re not here to put on a show or catch the trending wave of the CBD market – we want everyone who buys our product to know exactly where it came from and why we did what we did along it’s a path to your doorstep.

Just over 18 months ago I became obsessed with CBD – I realized exactly what it was and how it could impact my life. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to get this company off the ground and our first product into stores.

Sure enough, April 2nd, 2019 hit and our first product went live – let me tell you that was an amazing feeling. It’s hard to replicate the rush your body feels after you invest countless hours, dollars and sweat equity into a project that finally gets the green light.

Hemp House was founded by 4 Entrepreneurs + Ganajapreneuers– Troy Morin, Dan Defina, Scott Smith and myself.

We’ve all been involved with the cannabis game one way or the other, exactly how will remain disclosed until a later date 

Hemp House has allowed us to unveil our true feelings on the amazing species we’ve all loved, but couldn’t express our true feelings because of the stigma surrounding it.

We’re all humbled by the support we’ve received the few months leading up to our launch, not to mention the initial burst of sales we received shortly after we hit “play”.

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our product, company or mission – we’re happy to chat!

Until then, check out our CBD Salve – it’s currently available for purchase on

One Love.

– Steel