• Sour Gummy Bears

    The perfect snack to chill out with! Pop 'em, share 'em love 'em!

  • The Hemp Drops

    We hear these are great for hangovers ;) 

  • The Coffe Drops

    The perfect addition to your coffee help start your mornings off with a sense of relaxation

The People Love Hemp House!

Here's what they have to say!

I have been taking a dose of Hemp drops every night and my sleep has been amazing. I typically wake up multiple times in the night but when I use the drops, I have been able to sleep a solid 8 hours for the first time in a while.

This stuff really works!! So glad I purchased, I do a few drops before bed or if I need to relax, but I really noticed the difference when I was super hungover one day, this stuff was like an instant cure.

I've tried a few products and Hemp House is by far the best one! I take The Hemp Drops in the morning and at night. Really easy to use and taste great with my shakes. It has really helped with my stress and anxiety during the day. My nights sleep have been amazing. Thank you Hemp House!

I find this product great for reducing the anxiety that comes with exams. I like to take a dose a couple hours before the exam. As a result I find myself less anxious and can concentrate more on the exam and less on the outcome.

These hemp drops are great. Flavorless is great for mixing into tea before bed or to start your day in coffee. The effects include relaxation and are perfect for any time of the day. I will be purchasing again! Keep up the good work Hemp House

Our Gummy Bears

The World's Tastiest Hemp Gummy Bear

500mg Sour Gummy Bears
  • 20mg Per Bear

    Each gummy bear is packed with the perfect dose of hemp - 20mg is enough to get your morning started, or help with those dreaded Sunday scaries!

  • Re-Sealable Bag

    Nothing, and we mean nothing is worse than stale gummies – that's why we pack each bag of gummies in a re-sealable bag, helping to keep your little buddies fresh!

  • Flavor Burst!

    A touch of sour with a flood of sweet - these gummy bears are the world's tastiest hemp gummy. 

  • THC Free!

    Our bags are packed and are 100% THC free! Our gummies, along with all of our products, are 3rd party lab tested!

One Product Plants One Tree

Here at Hemp House, we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. Since day one, we've been planting one tree for every product we sell – that's a good vibe!

The Hemp House Founders

Meet Troy, Scott, Dan and Connor – the founders of Hemp House. These four life long friends built Hemp House from the ground up, with their mission to spread good vibes with each and every product sold!